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Adding Navigation Screens in SketchFlow

What you’ll learn in this module:

Starting a new project
Creating Navigation Screens
Working with connections

Prototyping with SketchFlow: Module 2

Adding Navigation Screens in SketchFlow

In this module, you focus on creating a new SketchFlow project. In this project, you can experiment with creating Navigation screens and connections.

SketchFlow Projects and Workspace
Although SketchFlow projects originate in Expression Blend, and the two share a common workspace and toolset, you need to define what type of project you are creating at the outset.

  1. 1 Launch Expression Blend 3.
  2. From the File > New Project dialog box, choose Silverlight 3 SketchFlow application. Type the name snowboard_online into the Name textbox.
  3. If you want to keep your samples in one location, click the Browse button to navigate to the module02_assets folder, then press OK.

    Creating a new SketchFlow project.

  4. Open the SketchFlow window from Window > SketchFlow Map.

The Expression Blend Workspace
Although the goal of prototyping is to get up-and-running quickly, a basic understanding of the Blend workspace is useful. The workspace includes the artboard, panels, the Tools panel, the workspace configurations and menus. Keep in mind that although Expression Blend projects and SketchFlow projects share many of the same workspaces, there are a few differences however and we have noted them below.

To make sure you are in a default workspace follow these steps:

  1. Choose Window > Workspaces > Design.
  2. Choose Window > Reset Current Workspace.
  3. Click the x (Close Window) in the Objects and Timeline panel to close it.
    If you need additional space for any panel, click and drag the edge of the panel to expand it.

  4. Click the x (Close Window) in the SketchFlow Animation panel as well.
  5. Click the x (Close Window) to the right of the Properties, Resources, and Data panels.

  6. Save your workspace by choosing Window > Save as New Workspace. In our example, we named this workspace prototyping.

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