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Adding Deep Zoom Content to a Web Page Using Expression Web 3

To add Deep Zoom Composer content to a page

  1. In the gallery.html page, click below the heading ‘Our Gallery’ into the empty paragraph below. In the Insert menu, choose Media > Deep Zoom. Alternatively, you can drag a Deep Zoom icon from the Media category of the Toolbox panel.

  2. Locate the books folder associated with this module. This is Silverlight project file generated as output from Deep Zoom Composer, Double-click this folder, then navigate several folders down into the following directory; DeepZoomProjectWeb > ClientBin > GeneratedImages and select the dzc_output file. This is an XML file needed by Expression Web to pull all of the DeepZoom components together. Click Open and the Insert Deep Zoom window appears.

  3. In the Insert Method category, choose: Silverlight only to insert only the Silverlight Deep Zoom image.

    Note: Choose Autodetect to insert JavaScript that will detect if the user's browser can display Silverlight. If it can't, the Seadragon Ajax Deep Zoom image will be displayed.

    The Display dimensions should remain at 640 x 480 and the Zoom Speed at 5. The Zoom Speed slider determines how quickly the Deep Zoom image zooms in and out in response to the button controls or the mouse wheel.
  4. Click OK and the Deep Zoom content will be inserted. It may take a few moments to process. If you receive a message asking if you want to override the silverlight.js file, click OK. This warning appears because you have already added Silverlight content to this page (The header). This javascript file is generic code that is added to prompt users who do not have the latest version of Silverlight installed to download it from the Microsoft site.
  5. Choose File > Preview in Browser and save your changes. In the gallery section, you now have your Deep Zoom content embedded.

Deep Zoom Features
You’ll now take a look at the Deep Zoom features within this gallery object.

  1. Place your cursor over the gallery and if you have a mouse, scroll upwards to zoom into the image. As you zoom in, you can reposition the images by clicking in the direction you want.
  2. Users who might be on a laptop, for example can always pan by clicking and dragging the mouse. There is also alternative navigation automatically added in the bottom right corner of the Deep Zoom image.

    The plus and the minus buttons allow users to zoom in and out.
  3. Click the Home button and the composition is restored to the default view.
  4. Click the last button to place the Deep Zoom Composition into fullscreen. Press Esc, when you want to exit.
  5. Close the Browser.

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