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Adding Deep Zoom Content to a Web Page Using Expression Web 3

What you’ll learn in this module:

An overview of Deep Zoom technology
Inserting Deep Zoom Content
Customizing Deep Zoom settings in Expression Web

Inserting Silverlight content with Expression Web 3: Module 5

Adding Deep Zoom Content to a Web Page Using Expression Web 3

In this module, you’ll learn how to insert Deep Zoom content into a Web page using Expression Web 3.

Defining a Site in Expression Web
You’ll begin this module by defining a site in Expression Web 3.

  1. Open Expression Web 3 and from the Site menu in Expression Web, choose Open Site.
  2. In the Open Site window that appears, click the Browse button.
  3. Navigate to the 05_Adding_DeepZoom_content_toWeb folder. Click Open, select the Lucerne_site folder, and click Open again in the next window that appears.
  4. In the Site View tab, double-click Gallery.html to open this page in Expression Web.

An Overview of the Deep Zoom Technology
Deep Zoom Composer is a free application that produces either silverlight or Ajax content that displays images within a fixed area within a web page. Users can pan and zoom within high-resolution images inside this area.

In Deep Zoom Composer you can take a collection of images of various resolutions and arrange them into a composition. You can then export or publish the composition as either a single high-resolution image or a set of individual images with different resolutions.

Once you export or publish your composition, you can use a standard broadband connection to quickly display and navigate a large, detailed image or a panorama of images that might otherwise be extremely slow to view.

For more Deep Zoom examples online, see Seadragon Ajax on Microsoft Live Labs.


To download the application itself go here:

How Does the Deep Zoom Technology Work?
Deep Zoom Composer uses the Deep Zoom technology found in Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Seadragon Ajax. When you view an image created in Deep Zoom Composer in a browser, the browser downloads only the portion of the image that you are actually viewing on your screen at that time, and at a resolution appropriate to the scale of the image. Downloading only part of the image data at a time decreases the time it takes to load the image and optimizes the viewing experience.

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